Brian Stelter to Chelsea Manning: ‘What You’re Doing is an Act of Principle’


CNN’s Brian Stelter concluded an interview with Chelsea Manning on Sunday by saluting her actions because of her refusal to testify for the government’s investigation of WikiLeaks.

During an interview on Reliable Sources, Manning condemned the prosecution of Julian Assange after spending a month in jail over her refusal to speak before a grand jury. She called the Wikileaks case an extension of the Trump Administration’s war with the media, saying they “clearly” want to “go after journalists” by bringing indictments and charges against those the White House considers disruptive.

Manning continued by lambasting grand jury investigations, reaffirming her promise not to testify, and saying “I have nothing new to provide.” As Manning accused the judge overseeing her case of holding her under contempt of court and ignoring her legal motions, Stelter signed out the interview with a favorable statement on her “act of principle.”

“We talk all the time about unprincipled politicians, and what you’re doing is an act of principle whether you agree or not, I can see that.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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