C-SPAN Caller: Every American Who Doesn’t Support Trump is ‘Treasonous’


The longstanding TV tradition of crazy C-SPAN callers continued this Christmas Eve, as some guy named “Chris” from Indiana phoned into Washington Journal to declare that all Americans who don’t support President Donald Trump are guilty of treason.

“We are from Central Indiana at Princes Lakes. Everybody agrees with what is going on to support our president and that is just the bottom line,” the caller said, during a discussion on the government shutdown. “You have to support your president. Everybody else is treasonous.”

The C-SPAN host pressed the caller on the impact of the shutdown, which was triggered after Trump refused to sign a resolution to keep the government running in a push for wall funding, on regular Americans.

“Well, having been laid off several times in my life because of political things, I look at all this as people are concerned about what their agenda is,” Chris said. “Not all of us went to liberal arts schools. Some of us made our living by our hands working hard paycheck-to-paycheck to put our kids through college. So, some of this just does not seem fair and right for those who follow the rule of law all of their lives and then they see political interest groups getting what they want ahead of us.”

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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