CT Sen. Lieberman: Video Games, Movies ‘Cause Vulnerable Young Men To Be More Violent’

Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) appeared on Fox News Sunday where he was asked about the mass shooting in his home state and what kind of legislative solutions that lawmakers in Washington could pursue to make sure this situation never occurs again. Lieberman said that producers of violent movies and video games must be asked to “tone it down,” because violence in entertainment is “a causative factor” leading to incidences of violence.

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Chris Wallace noted that children are exposed to thousands of acts of violence in video games and television in their youth and wondered if policy makers should address that reality. Lieberman replied that he thought there should be a “national commission.”

“The violence in the entertainment culture – particularly, with the extraordinary realism to video games, movies now, et cetera – does cause vulnerable young men to be more violent,” Lieberman insisted. “Doesn’t make everybody more violent, but it’s a causative factor in some cases.”

“We ought to ask the entertainment community, what are you going to do to tone that down,” Lieberman said of policymakers in Washington.

Wallace asked if he was advocating for a voluntary push or a legislative solution to violence in entertainment. “In our society, you always try to do it voluntarily,” Lieberman replied. “But, I think we’ve come to a point where you’ve got to say, if not, maybe there’s some things we can do to tone it down.”

Watch the clip below via Fox:

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