Cain Advisor Niger Innis: Herman Cain Being Character Assassinated As ‘Oversexed Mandingo’


Appearing this afternoon on Fox News, Herman Cain advisor and self-described “good friend” Niger Innis defended the beseiged Republican presidential candidate, saying he had been the victim of racist stereotyping in the midst of his sexual harassment scandal. “I’m very disturbed by what I see as nothing more than an attempted character assassination using one of the more vicious charges and stereotypes — which I call the mandingo stereotypes, that being the overly sexed black-skinned, black man that has been used for a couple of centuries in our country.”

“I think what these attempted character assassins don’t realize is they underestimate the decency of the American people,” Innis continued. “And they underestimate the ability of the American people to read past this BS, that’s exactly what I think it is.”

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Happening Now anchor Jon Scott noted that Karl Rove said he thought the allegations were going to take a serious toll on the former Godfather Pizza CEO.

“I would caution Karl, I would caution members of the political elite, that sexual harassment today is being used as a powerful political weapon the same way that the race card today is used as a powerful political weapon,” Innis exclaimed. “And I would caution these elites in the conservative media, as well as the liberal media — do you really think it’s just going to end? This political tool is just going to end with Herrman Cain? I caution them to be careful about what they say.”

Watch Niger Innis slam the charges being made against Herman Cain below via Fox News:

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