Carly Fiorina Tells a Ridiculous Lie About Donald Trump


In a Republican field that’s led by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, it’s easy to forget what an unbelievable (and dangerous) liar Carly Fiorina is, but now that she’s out stumping for Ted Cruz, we’re sure to get lots of reminders like the one she gave us Wednesday morning. It wasn’t the only lie she told, but Fiorina’s claim about Donald Trump is one we’re likely to hear repeated, so as a service to the next five people who interview her, I’d like to point it out.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Fiorina dropped in to try and pressure John Kasich to drop out of the presidential race, but along the way, she told a whopper that didn’t even sound right without checking it:

I said, the week that Donald Trump announced, he does not represent me, he does not represent our party, and I do not think he can be our nominee, and we need to give Ted Cruz now a chance to beat him one on one, which Ted Cruz can.

There’s a very good reason why this lie is so obvious without even checking it, but I’ll get to that later. First, again as a service to my colleagues who may be next in line to hear this lie, I present what Carly Fiorina actually said about Donald Trump the week he announced his presidential bid.

On the morning after what I like to call Trump’s “I Have aMexican Rapist” speech, Fiorina appeared on CNN’s New Day, where Chris Cuomo played a raft of clips form that speech, then asked Fiorina to weigh in. Fiorina not only complimented Trump, she appeared to place herself alongside him in the “experienced problem-solver” lane, and even went out of her way to defend Trump when Cuomo accused him of overpromising, but let’s see where she said he doesn’t represent her or the GOP:

I think he’s hitting on issues that Americans care about. Americans clearly believe the economy isn’t growing quickly enough … they’re worried and afraid about what’s going on the in the world, not just ISIS, but other issues as well. They realize China has turned into an adversary. They’re concerned about border security. These are, I think, real issues.

…I think they are open to someone with experience, such as myself, who know what it means to get a bureaucracy under control.

Of course, that’s not the only media appearance Fiorina made that week. She probably blasted Trump when she appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show that same day:

Hewitt: What did you make of Donald Trump’s announcement?

Fiorina: Well, I think it was classic Donald Trump. It was endlessly entertaining.

Hewitt: And what do you think of him as a candidate and someone who you may have to debate with?

Fiorina: You know, I think Donald Trump is tapping into the frustration of the American people with the professional political class. I also feel that frustration. 80-plus percent of the American people now believe we have a professional political class of both parties who are more focused on the preservation of their own position, title and privilege than doing work and solving problems. I think the question for people will be who has the experience and the temperament to actually go solve those problems.

Okay, last chance. A few days later, and after the Charleston massacre, Fiorina was interviewed by Abby Huntsman, who played a little word-association with her at the end of a Trump-free interview. Here we go, get ready for “Doesn’t represent me” for $500, Alex:

“Not to be underestimated.”

So, to be clear, the purpose of this exercise is not simply to expose Carly Fiorina as a ridiculous liar (already science fact), but to prepare you, the next people to whom she tells this lie, to bust her on it. Here are the clips, you can play them for her.

Now that Trump is pulling away, there will probably be more candidates and former candidates who try to spin similar histories, which leads me to why this lie was so easy to spot. After Trump announced, there were no candidates who said what Fiorina claims she said, and while some were gently critical of his “tone,” they all largely agreed with him on the substance.

It’s important to remember that, because as the Republicans head for a collision course with Trump in Cleveland, they are going to try to blame everyone they can think of, including President Obama, for Trump’s rise, but the real culprit is staring them right in the mirror.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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