Cuomo Grills Carter Page After He Declares U.S. Government Interfered More in 2016 Election Than Russia

The morning after appearing on Fox News for a friendly and congenial chat with Sean Hannity, former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page showed up on CNN’s New Day to face off with Chris Cuomo. And during the wide-ranging interview in which Cuomo pressed him on a number of subjects related to the Russia probe, Page expressed his belief that the United States was the one doing the election meddling while stating the FBI targeted him to do “cleanup” after Hillary Clinton lost.

Noting that Page has said that the information used against him by the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant is far-fetched and not believable, Cuomo asked Page if he agreed that it sounds equally far-fetched to believe that the FBI was going to conspire to bring down Trump before the election by surveilling a low-level campaign aide.

“I think it’s a cleanup act a little bit,” Page responded. “They went down this path thinking that Mrs. Clinton was going to win. So now they’ve got to find something.”

The CNN anchor retorted that they now know that there were more people the FBI could have went after that had “a lot more stuff to talk about that are closer to the president than Page, so why target him as a way to hurt Trump.

“Because if they want to start this Russia collusion theory, what better way of doing that than having a photo of someone actually in Moscow in 2016?” Page shot back.

Eventually, Cuomo shifted the conversation to Russian election interference, asking Page if he believed Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

“All the evidence I’ve seen so far, Chris, indicates that there was much more interference by the U.S. government compared to the Russian government,” Page stated.

The ex-Trump campaign adviser went on to bring up two Russian state media outlets — RT and Sputnik — and compare them to Radio Free Europe, stating that the American government was spending a lot more money to spread “fake news” about the election than Russia. Cuomo pressed back that the proof is “fairly clear” that Russians used social media to try to impact the election, noting that Page ignoring that makes it seem like he’s “a little sympathetic to the cause.”

“I’m sympathetic to facts, Chris,” Page declared. “It was interesting the indictment a couple weeks ago, they were talking about a couple million dollars here, maybe a couple thousand dollars in some swing states. Compare that to Radio Free Europe sponsored by the federal agency broadcasting board of governors. They had a budget of over $100 million. This is a big operation based in Washington.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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