Chaos Erupts After Fox News Contributor Suggests Trump Had ‘Personally Funded Multiple Abortions’

A Fox News panel went off the rails Friday night while having a heated discussion on abortion.

In light of the proposal that the Trump administration is floating that would slash funding for Planned Parenthood, Ingraham Angle guest host Pete Hegseth had on conservative columnist Kristin Tate and Democratic strategist Jehmu Greene to debate the possible policy change.

Tate started of with the disclaimer that this change isn’t about making abortion “illegal” or  “stripping women of their rights” as some critics have suggested but rather “separating taxpayer funds from abortion operations.”

Meanwhile, Greene insisted that Planned Parenthood isn’t performing abortions “on the taxpayer’s dime.” She then made a claim that shocked both Tate and Hegseth.

“I think that what’s outrageous here is that no one would be surprised if President Trump himself hadn’t personally funded multiple abortions,” Greene said.

“Do you have evidence of that?” Hegseth asked.

“No, I have no evidence,” Greene responded. “But-”

“Hold on, hold on! You’re just tossing that out!” Hegseth reacted. “So we don’t need evidence for those types of claims?”

“Jehmu, how could you say that on national television with no evidence?!?” Tate exclaimed. “This is so irresponsible, Jehmu!”

“I’m just saying no one would be surprised,” Greene said. “Would you be surprised, Kristin?”

The left-leaning Fox News contributor went to say that Trump is taking “many women’s access to basic health care.”

“Jehmu, stop spreading misinformation!” Tate shouted. “This is ridiculous.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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