Chris Cuomo Grills Sen. Ron Johnson on FBI Conspiracy: ‘You Know’ There’s No Secret Society


CNN host Chris Cuomo pushed Senator Ron Johnson over his conspiratorial claims that a “secret society” within the FBI was involved in an anti-Donald Trump effort, forcing the Wisconsin Republican to further distance himself from the claims.

In January, amid the infamous FBI-lovers’ texting scandal, Johnson focused on texts exchanged between the two agents alluding to a “secret society.” He claimed on Fox News that “an informant” told him about a group “holding secret meetings off-site” and claimed “there’s so much suspicion,” but admitted he was unsure what these alleged gathering were about.

While Johnson subsequently walked-back those claims — admitting “it’s a real possibility” that the texts were taken out of context — he was initially responsible for making the conspiracy theory go mainstream.

While appearing on New Day this morning, Johnson was further pushed on the matter, as Cuomo asked him if he had any regrets about his “false notion of secret societies.”

He replied:

“No. What I asked everybody to do is read our detailed report on our investigation in the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal and the FBI’s investigation of that. Very detailed. An awful lot of questions that have been raised as a result. I’m trying to get to the bottom of that for full public disclosure. I think the American public has a right to know what’s been happening in the FBI and department of justice.”

“I hear you on that, but there’s no secret society,” Cuomo pressed. “You know that.”

Johnson went on to further distance himself from term, arguing that he “made the comment one time and others blew it out of proportion” and the conspiracy was “beside the point.”

“Fine, but you don’t believe that there is a secret society?” Cuomo continued, before criticizing the senator for attempting to smear the FBI.

“Not my term,” Johnson protested, before noting that he has some information about potential “off sight meetings.”

“There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered,” he continued. “I’m asking the questions. Others blow certain things way out of proportion. I’m just trying to get to the facts. The American people deserve the truth.”

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