Chris Cuomo Panel on ‘Fear-Based’ GOP Message Goes Off the Rails: ‘You Are Not a Banana, Steve!’


On Wednesday, a CNN panel that was sparked by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham‘s claim that voters should cast their ballots for Republicans or they will be ‘replaced’ by immigrants went off the rails and fast.

“Look, I think it’s interesting, by the way, Chris, that you begin by saying we’re being motivated by fear because when I look in America right now, what I see is the exact opposite of fear,” conservative commentator and former head of the Trump Hispanic Advisory Council Steve Cortes said, kicking things off and in response to Cuomo’s question about Ingraham’s words.

“There is an optimism in the land that is palpable,” he continued on. “That’s not just my opinion. You see it in every survey of consumer confidence, of small business. This country is soaring in every way, particularly economically. So your idea that we are fear-based I think is wrong on its premise, first of all.”

“I’m saying we’re not fear-based, we’re optimism-based, and the optimism in the land is palpable,” Cortes added, prompting fellow panelist Symone Sanders to laugh. “Regarding what Laura said, regarding what — you can laugh, but it’s the reality.”

That prompted a conversation about illegal immigration and if Cuomo was a leftist.

Sanders tried to jump in at one point, but Cuomo and Cortes were going at it.

Then finally, when Sanders had a chance to speak, she said this: “The fact of the matter is if the picture was so rosy as Steve would like to paint it, if that was actually true, Republicans would be running on that. Instead, they are running around the country talking about mob rule and mob tactics and using fear mongering. I’m very concerned about the rhetoric that both Laura Ingraham and Steve just used concerning immigration.”

Sanders’ comments sparked Cortes to claim that deciding who belongs in the country is not racist.

Then as it got even more heated, Cortes then said, “America is not a race.”

“What does that mean, America is not a race?” Cuomo pressed.

“We’re not a race,” Cortes shot back.

“Who said you are? You are not a banana! You are not a banana, Steve,” Cuomo replied.

Cortes then tried to bring up how CNN calls Trump a racist but was shot down by both Sanders and Cuomo as the debate raged on.

Watch above, via CNN.

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