CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Laura Ingraham Pushing Fear About ‘Scary People from the South’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo tonight took a swipe at Fox News’ Laura Ingraham for comments she made about immigrants last night.

Cuomo said the strategy on the right is to “push fear and loathing,” with step one being: “If you don’t vote, the scary people from the south are coming for you.”

And then he teed up Ingraham’s commentary from last night to viewers:

“Your views on immigration will have zero impact and zero influence on a House dominated by Democrats who want to replace you, the American voters, with newly amnestied citizens and an ever-increasing number of chain migrants.”

“You see that picture?” Cuomo said. “That’s what they want you to think all immigrants look like, people laying on the floor, splayed out, not as civilized as you, different from you. Amnesty and chain migration, which is also called family reunification when it’s used by good people like Melania Trump and that’s how she got her parents here. Right? So it’s okay for her, but not okay for anybody else. That’s how you will be taken out if you don’t vote.”

He went on to list other Republican “scare tactics” being used ahead of the midterms, including the use of the word “mob.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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