Chris Cuomo Rips Trump For Not Lowering Flags For Capital Gazette Victims: He ‘Won’t Respect The Media’


On Monday night, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo took aim at President Trump for rejecting the Annapolis mayor’s request to lower the flags at half-mast after the shooting that took place at the Capital Gazette.

Cuomo began by saying the recent massacre “robbed this world of five lives, shattered families, and added another layer on all lawmakers for not doing something to stop the damn shootings.”

He questioned if there was some sort of “protocol” that prompted such a denial to lower the flags, which he answered that there wasn’t since the flags were lowered after the Las Vegas and Parkland shootings. He also insisted that the body count was also not in play since the flags were lowered after the deaths of former First Lady Barbara Bush and Reverend Billy Graham.

“So why would the mayor of Annapolis say he was turned down with a no-brainer request?” Cuomo asked. “Now, I’m afraid I know the answer. And it’s because President Trump doesn’t like the media. Now I know that sounds extraordinarily petty and callous, but more facts. Trump is the man who mocked John McCain for being captured during Vietnam and who hardly condemned his staffer who mocked McCain’s illness. In fact, he allowed her to stay at a job. And he still attacks McCain with his thumbs down swipes about the senator’s nay vote on an insurance bill, a bill that which by the way would have taken insurance from more people than the bill the senator eventually voted for.”

He went on to say that Trump is “entirely capable” of disrespecting people “no matter their predicament.” He cited the separation of migrant families at the border and called Trump’s executive order to unite them a “sham” and that the promises to unite them were “lies.”

“And yes, Trump did say that he respects journalists after the mass murder, but why would you believe that? Why would you believe he’s not lying again?” Cuomo continued. “I don’t have time to play all the attacks on the media, you know the truth. And now you know even if they get murdered, the president won’t respect the media appropriately. It’s the truth.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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