Chris Cuomo-Scaramucci Battle Quickly Goes Off the Rails: ‘You’re Making These Silly Points!’


As if it would play out any other way.

Chris Cuomo invited Anthony Scaramucci on CNN tonight and things quickly went off the rails as they fought over the bombshell New York Times report that President Trump wanted to fire Robert Mueller.

Scaramucci dismissed this whole thing as a “red herring” and a distraction because Mueller was ultimately not fired. (This was reportedly because the White House counsel threatened to resign.)

Cuomo pushed back and said this is clearly a serious issue, telling him when he said there’s “no collusion” that we don’t know everything yet. “That’s all BS,” Cuomo said. “We don’t know anything.”

Scaramucci talked about “interlopers in the White House” leaking information and bemoaned how this all was leaked.

“So what?!” Cuomo interjected. “This is about the truth, Anthony.”

Scaramucci responded, “You don’t want to let me finish. You’re the one that’s over-talking me… .You don’t want to let me finish because you know I’m making a lot of sense.”

He emphasized to Cuomo he is not disputing the reporting, just that Trump ultimately never fired Mueller. Scaramucci accused Cuomo of “twisting” the story.

He brought up the “interloping leakers” again and Cuomo told him that’s “irrelevant” here:

“You don’t want to hear the reporting, Anthony! What you ignore, you empower. You’re making these silly points!”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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