Chris Cuomo to Trump: ‘Go After the Nazis Peddling Hate, Not Our Sports Heroes’ Protesting Injustice


On Friday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo closed the 9 pm hour of his show by slamming President Donald Trump for blasting NFL players for their protests while remaining silent on Charlottesville.

“Why is Trump doing this? So many protesting players, white and black have said this isn’t about disrespecting the flag. He knows that,” Cuomo said. “He doesn’t seem to care. Why? This works with the part of his base. How do we know? He said it.”

Then, noting that while the President is speaking out on NFL protesters while saying nothing about the anniversary of Charlottesville, he continued on:

“He takes on the NFL protest and ignores the trash that’s heading to Charlottesville to mark the first anniversary of their deadly racism by having another rally and the president says nothing. He picks on the NFL players who are part of one of the most unifying aspects of our culture and ignores the ugliest division. The president says he’s the least racist person you know. The president says he’s all about uniting the country. So here’s my argument: We only know what you show. If you’re not a racist then attack the racists instead of targeting mostly black protesters and suggesting they are dumb especially after the shameful moral equivocation about Charlottesville that the president had a year ago. He certainly should not ignore the anniversary, he should embrace it.”

The CNN host then offered this “pro-tip” if Trump wants to win: “Go after the Nazis peddling hate, not our sports heroes who are are protesting injustice.”

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