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NY Times Issues Semi-Apology For Nazi Profile: ‘We Regret’ Offending ‘So Many Readers’

Twitter Rips NYT for Report on ‘The Nazi Sympathizer Next Door’: ‘What The Hell Is This?’

Confederate Statues Aren’t About Slavery — They’re About Treason

Tapper: Seems Easier for Trump to Attack Intel Agencies Than to Condemn Nazis

91-Year-Old Rep. John Dingell Wins Internet With Epic Tweet Denouncing Nazis

John Oliver on Charlottesville: Trump ‘Threw an Airball So Far Away, Landed in the Third Reich’

Sally Yates: It ‘Takes Less Than 140 Characters’ to Condemn Nazis, KKK, White Supremacists

Conway Retweets Self-Proclaimed White ‘Nationalist’, Claims She Doesn’t Know Who Used Her Account

Sarah Silverman Freaks Out After Finding Swastikas on Sidewalk (…They Weren’t Swastikas)

Apparently We Need to Punch People Wearing Suits, Just in Case They’re Nazis

The Young Turks: UC Berkeley Riots Could Have Been Right-Wing Plot by 4chan

Richard Spencer’s New Neighbors Are Complaining About Him

Don’t Attack Nazis, and Don’t Praise Those Who Do

‘Please Explain or Apologize’: Anti-Defamation League Scolds Trump for Nazi Germany Remark

Paul Krugman Comes Close to Invoking Nazis in Twitter Rant About GOP’s ‘Authoritarianism’

Trump Supporters Yell Nazi Terminology at Buzzfeed Reporter

Ken Burns: Trump Camp’s Playbook ‘Is Out of the National Socialist Party in Germany’

Hey, Were You Aware That There’s a Drinking Game Called Jews vs. Nazis?

Bernie Sanders Invokes Holocaust in Denouncing Trump, Denies Comparing Him to Hitler

The Daily Show Dives Into How Trump Campaign’s Now ‘Making Jews Uncomfortable’

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