Chris Cuomo Zings Kellyanne Conway During Off-the-Rails Interview: ‘What Is That, Trump English?!’


Minutes after President Donald Trump signed a bill that funded a the federal government for three more weeks, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Primetime for a multi-part in interview with Chris Cuomo. And if you’ve seen past battles between these two, you were likely expecting fireworks going in.

On Monday night, however, they may have had their most combative segment yet. And things got a bit personal at one point.

After Conway and Cuomo tussled over what Democrats gained from the shutdown, the CNN anchor took it to another level when he asked why the administration was treating “immigrants like monsters.” Conway shot back, telling Cuomo not to go there, only for Cuomo to give this pithy response: “I’m all over it. I bought property in this place!”

Conway went on to claim DACA was an illegal executive order signed by President Barack Obama, leading Cuomo to proclaim that no one knows that it is illegal because it didn’t make its way through the courts. The two then got into a back-and-forth over whether Trump was trying to fix DACA, resulting in this exchange:

Conway: I can understand why the Democrats like you are mad tonight.

Cuomo: I’m not — I’m only mad because you’re not letting me ask you the next question.

Conway: No, no. You’re trying to ask it and answer it. So which role is whom?

Cuomo: Which role is whom? What is that, Trump English? We each have a role to play here.

“Are you making fun of the President of the United States again?!” Conway shouted. “The guy is working and living right behind me because he got elected by the people. And part of that was because he insists on making this country more secure, including at its border. He wants this nation to have physical borders.”

And they kept going at each other like that for nearly a half-hour over two segments. Watch them go at it above, via CNN.

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