Chris Matthews: “I Don’t Think Democrats Want To Stop” Illegal Immigration

What’s gotten into Chris Matthews? Yesterday he breathed extra life into the birther controversy wondering aloud why Obama doesn’t just say “send me a copy of my birth certificate,” and now today he declared that he doesn’t trust Democrats on the issue of enforcement of illegal immigration. Has Hardball ever been this unpredictable?

Declaring he doesn’t trust either party on the immigration issue, Matthews stated “Republicans are BS’ing the country” about any plan to deport all illegal immigrants out of the country, and much more surprisingly, he next targeted Democrats. Calling the Democrats “weak,” Matthews said Democrats won’t say “how they will stop illegal immigration . . . I don’t even think they want to stop it . . . they like it.” Watch out because no one is safe from Matthews, especially not Senator Harry Reid who also gets a special mention as someone who is not serious about doing anything about the illegal immigration problem.

Watch the clip from MSNBC‘s Hardball below:

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