Chris Matthews Live: President Obama Had to ‘Dick Around’ to Pass Stimulus Bill

During his post-Town Hall coverage on MSNBC, Hardball host Chris Matthews seems to have slipped up in his vernacular, casually referring to a “schlonging” of a different sort.

Thursday night’s Town Hall featured Matthews and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and during a post-event panel, Matthews let his true thoughts slip about the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act under President Barack Obama.

Matthews seemed to catch himself and try to adjust, but moved on to discussing Senators Susan Collins and Arlen Specter and the role they played in compromising with the President in 2009 on the stimulus bill in response to the recession:

Let’s talk about Obama. He killed himself to get a stimulus bill. So he had to dick around, dicking around, with people like Susan Collins and Arlen Specter and they whittled him down to $800 billion.

We’re not the only ones who noticed the flub:

In case you’re still unsure if a venerable TV host like Matthews could ever use such crude language, the Hardball host used the same phrase in 2011 to describe the work of policymakers on the debt ceiling.

Watch the above moment in question from MSNBC.
[image via screengrab]

J.D. Durkin is the Senior Editor of Mediaite.

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