Chris Wallace Confronts Kellyanne Conway Over Ukraine: You’re Saying Aid Release Timing Was Just a ‘Coincidence?’


White House advisor Kellyanne Conway claimed it was a “coincidence” that President Donald Trump released the aid he withheld from Ukraine just after it was revealed he tried to pressure their government into going after his political rivals.

As Conway spoke to Chris Wallace during Fox News’ impeachment trial coverage, she was confronted with the timeline that Trump held up Congressionally-approved aid to Ukraine until after the whistleblower notified Congress of his actions.

“The timing is clear,” Wallace said, though Conway responded that “no, you’re looking at causation but it could be coincidence.”

Wallace accused Conway of pivoting away from his question, so he redoubled his efforts and said “it was September 9th, September 10th, the story breaks, now the Democrats know about the whistleblower and are going to begin an investigation and then on September 11th or 12th, the president releases the aid. You’re saying it’s a coincidence?”

“Yes. Why wouldn’t it be?” Conway answered. “And nobody has presented any evidence that it wasn’t and nobody has presented any evidence that the president ever intended to not get Ukraine that aid and in fact they have it.”

Conway also dismissed the notion that Trump pressured Ukraine by refusing to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky in the Oval Office, saying “we get requests from every head of state for meetings, this gentleman got two meetings.”

The interview went on with Conway dismissing Gordon Sondland’s Ukraine scandal testimony and taking shots at Amy Klobuchar because the senator put her presidential campaign on hold to fulfill her Senate duties by attending the trial.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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