Chris Wallace: ‘It Takes Two to Tango’ on Shutdown; Shepard Smith: ‘There’s No Tango Here,’ It’s on Trump


Fox News’ Shepard Smith went back and forth with Chris Wallace a bit this afternoon over where the blame over the government shutdown goes.

Smith brought up President Donald Trump‘s comments on camera that he would own the shutdown. Wallace said, “Well, I mean, it takes two to tango.”

Smith responded, “There’s no tango here. The president said, ‘I’m shutting the government down.'”

“He said he would shut the government down unless they gave him funding for the wall, and they refused to give him funding for the wall,” Wallace said. “I mean, both sides are party to this.”

Smith brought up the midterm results to argue that the shutdown is now on POTUS:

“Everybody wants to play this as a ‘two sides speaking past each other.’ The ones who control the purse strings said no, the president said, ‘come on,’ they said no, and he closed down the government. That’s what happened. And he can reopen it tomorrow, just like he closed it down. It’s all on him, isn’t it?”

Wallace responded, “Well, he got elected too, and he has a point of view, and the fact is that at this point, a bill that would reopen the government without some funding for the wall wouldn’t get through the Senate, and if it did the president would veto it.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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