Chuck Todd Battles Roger Stone Over Claims He Did Not Have ‘Advance Knowledge’ of Clinton Emails Release


Roger Stone appeared on Meet The Press on Sunday and vehemently denied that he had any “advance notice” that Wikileaks had obtained Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta‘s emails during the 2016 election, which has come under the scrutiny of special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

The appearance on NBC News comes in the wake of reports that Mueller subpoenaed another one of his aides as part of the Russia probe.

Todd’s first question to Stone: “Are you preparing to be indicted?”

“Well Chuck, I don’t know if I’m an interesting person or a person of interest,” Stone replied, before railing against the Mueller probe for having “terrorized” his associates.

“I can guarantee you they have found no evidence whatsoever of Russian collusion nor trafficking of allegedly hacked emails with Wikileaks,” Stone said. “It is not inconceivable now that Mr. Mueller and his team may seek to conjure up some extraneous crime pertaining to my business or maybe not even pertaining to the 2016 election.”

“I would chalk this up to an effort to silence me,” Stone added.

“I don’t know how this has silenced you,” Todd pushed back. “You’re not someone who is that’s been silenced very easily, you came here.”

Todd pressed Stone on his contacts with Wikileaks, which published Podesta’s emails, and whether or not he had “any advance knowledge of any kind” that the emails would be released.

“No, absolutely not,” Stone said.

Todd then confronted Stone with a series of suspicious tweets from 2016, published days before Wikileaks released the emails, in which Stone wrote that Julian Assange would take down the Clinton campaign.

Stone maintained that his tweets were predictions based on publicly available knowledge.

“There is no evidence that I knew about the accessing by Wikileaks of John Podesta’s emails or their publications in advance,” Stone said. “No evidence whatsoever.”

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