Chuck Todd Grills Pence: Trump ‘Undermined’ His Own Guidelines by Cheering Anti-Lockdown Protesters


NBC’s Chuck Todd held a broad range interview with Mike Pence on Sunday, during which, he pressed the vice president on how President Donald Trump “undermined” his administration’s health and safety guidelines with his recent tweets.

On Meet The Press, Todd brought up Trump’s “LIBERATE” tweets and his other recent encouragement for protests against stay-at-home orders despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“All three states have issued guidelines that follow the national advice that you have been giving them. They’re following the president’s guidelines to the best of their ability,” Todd said. “Can you explain what the president is trying to liberate Minnesota from?”

Pence deflected to talk about Trump’s desire to see a quick reopening for the national economy, then pivoted back to the administration’s recent advice that states use discretion on when to rollback lockdowns. As Pence alluded to these guidelines, Todd repeatedly asked “what’s he tweeting?”

“I have given you a lot of leeway,” Todd said to Pence. “Why is the president trying to undermine the guidance you have been laying out? He laid out this guidance on Thursday and undermined it on Friday.”

“Chuck, I don’t accept your premise, and I don’t think most Americans do either,” Pence answered. “The president’s made it clear, he wants to reopen America, and we laid out guidelines for every state in the country to safely and responsibly reopen their economy at the time and manner of their choosing.”

The interview continued with Todd grilling Pence on how Trump’s tweets imply that he “doesn’t want to own the responsibility of these necessary shutdowns,” but wants to take credit for reopening the economy.

Watch above, via NBC.

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