Chuck Todd: Is Kavanaugh a ‘Partisan Warrior’ for Going on Fox News?


Meet the Press host Chuck Todd questioned Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s decision to appear on Fox News to defend himself against sexual misconduct allegations, rather than choosing a more “neutral ground” outlet like PBS.

“What I’m curious about, this decision to do what no Supreme Court nominee has ever done, and it is to sort of fight for your in the political square,” Todd said. “It is an interesting decision.”

Todd went on to play a clip showing Kavanaugh pushing against the partisan use of the judiciary branch.

“It was jarring to see him not even sit in front with a Fox News journalist, but with one of the opinion show hosts, and not go to a CBS or PBS, somewhere else as well if he was going to do this,” Todd remarked before asking, “Does it make him a partisan warrior now?”

Bloomberg News reporter Sahil Kapur argued that Kavanaugh’s Fox News appearance is just a reflection of how polarized this confirmation process has become.

“Big picture, him going on Fox News, it is a function — yes, it’s an unconventional thing — of the fact that a nothing about this is conventional anymore,” Kapur said, before quoting a political operative who believes, “We are in the wild, wild west of senate judicial wars.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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