Chuck Todd: ‘You Would Think Our Leaders Should Be Able to Have’ Gun Control Conversation

Chuck Todd opened today’s Meet the Press by saying that it doesn’t seem like many Republicans want to have the debate about gun control after the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas.

He showed clips of Republicans saying it’s too early to be discussing the issue, followed by Democrats saying it’s time to act now.

Todd said a lot of people may very well wonder “what exactly we are debating,” but ultimately concluded that both parties should be able to discuss this issue:

“There’s no doubt about what the Second Amendment does say. But at what point does a person’s right to bear arms start infringing on his neighbor’s right to live safely and freely? And if you’ve ever caught yourself checking the exits while at a concert hall or a school assembly or a movie, just in case, you probably already… are ready to have that conversation. You would think our leaders should be able to have it too.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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