CNBC’s John Harwood Says Even A GOP-led Senate ‘Could Convict On Impeachment Charges’


While much of the conventional wisdom states that even if House Democrats impeach Donald Trump, the Republican-controlled Senate would never vote to remove him, CNBC correspondent John Harwood sees things quite a bit differently.

On Sunday afternoon’s edition of MSNBC’s Live With Alex Witt, Harwood said that “on the issue of impeachment, I do believe that Democratic leaders understand that that is where this is headed,” and that while they’re taking a patient public posture until special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation is complete, “I don’t think the fervor for impeachment within the Democratic party is going to be stoppable by Democratic leaders.”

But then, Harwood added that he has spoken to former NRCC head Tom Davis, who Harwood says thinks Trump’s removal in the Senate is a distinct possibility.

“He says he thinks some Republicans will likely eventually join with Democrats in that front, and that it’s not impossible, given what Mueller finds, and how political circumstances deteriorate, that it’s not out of the question that a Senate could convict on impeachment charges.”

Harwood noted that removal would be a “heavy uphill task,” as twenty Republicans would need to join Democrats in voting to remove Trump, but added “We’re going to have to see what Mueller lays down.”

If this week is any indication, a lot will be laid down, as even Fox News’ top legal analysts think Trump is likely to be indicted just based on the little that is publicly known at this point.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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