CNN Airs Tense Interview With Minneapolis Police Union Chief: ‘We Have Become Scapegoats’


CNN aired a tense interview with the head of a top Minneapolis police union on Tuesday — during which CNN Security Correspondent Josh Campbell asked if he thinks Black Lives Matter “is a terrorist organization” following nationwide protests and riots over the death of George Floyd in police custody.

“We have become scapegoats in this. We, as our federation, our federation board, myself, and it’s unjust,” said Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. “Since the fallout of the Floyd death, the people to blame lies squarely on the shoulders of our political leadership.”

Campbell noted, “You’ve also made very pointed comments about groups like Black Lives Matter. You’ve actually referred to them as a terrorist organization. Do you believe Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization?”

“There are portions of it that certainly have participated in domestic terrorism, and look, not just in Minneapolis but the other cities,” replied Kroll. “And that’s not them exclusively. There was Antifa there doing the same thing. So there are incidents where, at Black Lives Matter events, certainly terrorist activity takes place.”

Analyzing the interview on CNN, Campbell commented, “Now, what the union president appears to be doing there is lumping together the peaceful movements as well as those with people who actually cause destruction. Of course it’s worth pointing out that the overwhelming majority of protests across the country, especially those organized by Black Lives Matter, have been peaceful.”

On police reform, Kroll said during the interview, “Let’s have a thoughtful process that takes place over a period of time where we have dialogue from community leaders, where we have dialogue from police leaders and the administrative side and the union side. But let’s do it, let’s not do it in a vacuum. Let’s not rush to get it done overnight or in a week in a special session.”

“We have more of a focus on safety and security of citizens of Minneapolis right now than defeating bills they want to rush through in the cover of darkness,” he continued. “We need time. Everybody’s got to take a breath.”

Campbell then proceeded to criticize Kroll for using the phrase “Everybody’s got to take a breath,” due to Floyd protesting that he couldn’t breath before his death in police custody.

“‘Everybody’s got to take a breath.’ Those comments likely to be seen as very controversial, especially in the case of George Floyd and for those who have been calling for drastic police reform here in the city of Minneapolis,” Campbell remarked.

Watch above via CNN.

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