CNN Analyst Slams Attack on Due Process: Trump Wants to ‘Just Take Out and Shoot’ NYC Terrorist


CNN legal analyst Paul Callan rebuked Donald Trump for calling the US criminal justice system “a joke” and “a laughing stock” by suggesting the president prefers “dictatorship” policies where alleged criminals are simply taken out and shot.

“And what he is suggesting… is that we should just take them out and shoot them,” said Callan, as a response to Trump suggesting the justice system has to “come up with a punishment far quicker and far greater.”

Callan went to say that Trump referring to the New York City terrorist as an animal is beneath the office of the presidency:

“I would say it’s amazing but it’s not — because every day he says things that no other president has ever said. [That’s] really shocking… The president of the United States [calling the perpetrator] an animal. Maybe the guy on the street thinks that… but the president has to stand with a little bit of dignity when representing the country. And what he is suggesting, I think, in saying what he did is that we should just take them out and shoot them… We have this little thing called the Constitution of the United States that says everybody gets a trial, a jury trial, regardless of who they are. and regardless of who is president.”

The legal analyst went on to say Trump’s suggestion that the terrorist behind the Manhattan truck attack be sent to Guantanamo Bay is akin to a “Tin Pot dictatorship.” According to YourDictionary, “Although still used today, this is a pejorative term coined in the days of the colonial British Empire, and referred to the Victorian innovation of the tin-pot, a very cheap metal container, the forerunner of the modern tin can. From tin-pot, a cheap metal disposable container, and dictator.”

Ed. Note — this post has been edited from originally posted to more accurately describe Callan’s comments as “tin pot” and not “Pol Pot” as was originally reported and misheard. 

Watch above via CNN.

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