CNN Baffled By Trump’s 3AM Tweet: ‘He Was Elected to be President’ Not ‘a Mental Patient’


President Donald Trump’s call for unity appears to be over. After news broke of a spate of bombs being delivered to numerous Democratic leaders and Trump critics, he has returned to criticizing one of the very organizations that received an explosive device.

At least that’s the assessment of cable news hosts and pundits who were left confused and aghast by the Commander in Chief’s 3 AM tweet in which he criticized the critical coverage he was receiving by what he called “lowly rated” CNN.

Trump tweeted at 3 AM this morning:

As John Avlon succinctly pointed out, the biggest problem with this Tweet is that the leader of the free world “is playing the victim card and he can get armies of trolls and bots to support him, and he plays the victim and it’s fascinating and disturbing.”

Alyson Camerota followed with “what is baffling about that role is that he thinks that being the president is the same as being a cable news pundit. The two are on the same plain for him. He equates those, and that’s just an interesting look at his psyche and how the president can feel so impotent.”

Former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart completed the segment by first offering how tired he was about worrying about the president’s psyche, but followed with “he was elected to be president of the United States and not a mental patient and being up at 3:30 in the morning.”

Watch the segment above, courtesy of CNN.

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