CNN Host ‘Jokes’ He’d Poison President Trump


The CNN Celebrity Trump Assassination Fetish Club just doubled in membership.

Joining ousted New Years Eve co-host and Anderson Cooper gal pal Kathy Griffin is the host of Parts Unknown, Chef Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain’s method of assassination fantasy is less gruesome than Griffin’s ISIS-style beheading. Bourdain’s more old-school.  Like Demosthenes old-school. His imaginary plan for violently upending the constitutionally elected office of president is to serve Donald Trump poison.

Bourdain was cornered by TMZ at LAX last week and was asked what he’d serve Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un at an imaginary peace summit. “Hemlock” the CNN employee said, with a smile.

Now, of course, Bourdain was joking.  I mean… we assume he’s joking.

Just to be sure, Fox News reached out for clarification. Bourdain told Fox he “meant to say ‘kale'” which, if not properly prepared, could also be considered a form of poison.

So, Bourdain was joking. He didn’t really mean to say he’d poison the President of the United States if given the opportunity.  Of course, Kathy Griffin was also joking, and she was fired by CNN from a one-night a year hosting gig.  Will CNN have anything to say about their weekly host and his violent, assassination fantasies?

Oh, and one more inside-media wrinkle on this story to consider:  TMZ, the website that captured the video of Bourdain in their trademark guerrilla ambush fashion, is owned by Harvey Levin who is set to debut his own weekly show on Fox News, CNN’s ratings rival.  Don’t you just love the wonderful world of cable news?

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