CNN Panel Clashes Over Second Chance For Roseanne: ‘She Blamed Her Racism on Ambien’

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Republican strategist Michael Caputo and national press secretary for Bernie Sanders 2016 Symone Sanders could not agree less over what ought to be next for Roseanne Barr.

On a panel with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the two got heated over whether the disgraced comedienne deserves a second chance.

“I got to believe that none of us like or appreciate what Roseanne Barr did, it’s a horrible mistake, and I think, you know, people view it, this whole thing about gorillas, it is a trope, it’s a racist trope, and I’ve seen people taken down by this in the past,” Caputo said. “If Roseanne is sorry and it sounds like she is sorry… if she makes amends with this with her community and family and friends I think she should get back to work.”

Roseanne hasn’t tried to make amends. Guess what? Today she blamed her racism on Ambien,” Sanders shot back.

“Furthermore this is who Roseanne actually is, this wasn’t the first time she tweeted something that is racist… ABC noted themselves that this was the third or fourth time and this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back for them of Roseanne being offensive,” she continued. “There is freedom of speech in this country, but you don’t have freedom from consequences of your speech.”

Sanders went on to comment on President Donald Trump‘s silence about Roseanne’s racist remark, juxtaposing it with his practical obsession with her show’s blockbuster season premiere back in March.

“The president is the president of all people, and damn it, I wish he would start acting like it,” she added.

Watch above, via CNN.

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