Michael Caputo

Eric Trump Says 57-Year-Old Michael Caputo is ‘Young Kid’ Who Can’t Afford Lawyers For Russia Probes

Michael Caputo Dismisses House Oversight Investigation: ‘Play for Headlines’ and ‘Set Up for Impeachment’

Michael Caputo Reacts to Roger Stone’s Instagram Post: ‘It’s Hard to Defend Something That’s Stupid’

Surreal MSNBC Panel Featuring Nunberg, Page, Caputo and Corsi Gets Roasted: ‘Which One is Shemp?’

Michael Caputo and Sam Nunberg Collide Over Trump Campaign and Russia: Roger Stone ‘Put Us All in Danger!’

Ari Melber Assembles Corsi, Nunberg, Carter Page, and Michael Caputo for One Bizarre Russia Probe Panel

Heated CNN Panel on Kavanaugh Goes Off the Rails: ‘Stop Interrupting Me!’

Michael Caputo Says He Figured Out the Identity of NYT Op-Ed Writer: She ‘Believes that She is a Hero’

Former Trump Adviser Michael Caputo: President Got Closer to Impeachment This Week

Fmr Trump Adviser Michael Caputo Says Dan Coats Bashing President at ‘Liberal Enclave’ Aspen is ‘Despicable’

CNN’s Camerota Battles Michael Caputo on Trump’s ‘Blame America Tour’: Why Did He Insult the US?

Roger Stone: I Think Peter Strzok Was Behind Russian Operative Offering Hillary Dirt for $2 Million

Democrat Rep. Blasts ‘Deplorable’ Giuliani: ‘Hard to Believe He Ever Was a Serious U.S. Attorney’

Roger Stone Met With Russian Who Wanted Trump to Pay for Dirt on Hillary Clinton

CNN Panel Clashes Over Second Chance For Roseanne: ‘She Blamed Her Racism on Ambien’

Ex-Trump Aide Michael Caputo is Reportedly Trying to Keep Roseanne Alive For His Online Streaming Outlet

Fmr Trump Campaign Advisor Michael Caputo Alleges a Second Informant Approached Him

CNN Panel Goes Off Over Aide’s McCain Comment: WH Is ‘A Feeding Frenzy’ of Leaks

Chris Cuomo Roasts Fmr. Trump Adviser Over Impending Shutdown: ‘He’s Going Golfing!’

Chris Cuomo Runs Over Fmr. Trump Adviser on Wolff Book: ‘You Guys Let Him in!’

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