comScore CNN Panel on Roy Moore Goes Off the Rails: You’re ‘Attacking’ One of the Women!

CNN Panel on Roy Moore Goes Off the Rails: You’re ‘Attacking’ One of the Women!

A CNN panel on the allegations against Roy Moore went off the rails last night after comments made by contributor Ed Martin.

Martin told Don Lemon that this is just an “old-fashioned political hit” from people who didn’t want Moore to win the nomination in the first place.

When Lemon asked Martin if he believes Moore or the women, Martin said this:

“I believe Roy Moore, because why? Because after 40 years and 40 days before the election, you get a political hit? Don, if you’re remotely serious, you have to first say what is this woman? She’s got multiple bankruptcies, it’s reported, she’s got multiple false accusations, it’s reported, is any of that being covered?”

Lemon said he’s not aware of the “false allegations” he was talking about.

Evan McMullin, who ran for president as an independent last year, said it’s “sad” that Martin and others are trashing conservatives condemning the reports about Moore. “You are losing us,” he said.

“Good riddance,” Martin shot back.

Lemon interjected at one point––saying “Hold on!”––to tell Martin to stop interrupting McMullin and not “be rude.”

McMullin said it’s “increasingly difficult for decent people” to associate with the GOP and added, “You just heard Ed attacking a woman who is a victim. She’s a victim. She was a Trump voter, she’s a Republican voter. Yes, she’s had a troubled life. Many people who are assaulted and sexually abused as children then go on to have challenges in life. That’s not uncommon. And here you are attacking her.”

Martin objected and said he “didn’t attack anyone,” adding, “I said there’s facts––if you’re gonna cover a story, I said there’s facts on both sides.”

As Martin kept going, Lemon scolded him again for interrupting McMullin and ended the segment.

Watch above, via CNN.

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