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Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin: Paul Ryan Has ‘Failed’ Leadership Test

CNN Panel on Roy Moore Goes Off the Rails: You’re ‘Attacking’ One of the Women!

Evan McMullin: Corker Doing the Right Thing Now, But He ‘Participated in Normalizing’ Trump

MSNBC Panel Melts Down Over Trump Jr. Debate: ‘Tremendous Disservice to the American People!’

Evan McMullin: Russia Investigations Are Not ‘Fake News’; Trump Admin Leading ‘Assault on Truth’

Evan McMullin Suspected to Be Source Who Leaked McCarthy’s Joke About Russia Paying Trump

Evan McMullin: Republicans Should Denounce ‘Trump’s Treacherous Relationship with Putin’

Lindsey Graham Announces He Voted for Evan McMullin

McMullin Responds to White Nationalist Robocall, Says ‘Most Bigots’ Support Trump

White Nationalist Sponsors Utah Robocalls Telling Voters Evan McMullin Is ‘Closet Homosexual’

‘While You Were Harassing Women…’: McMullin Fires Back After Trump Takes a Shot at Him

Republican Who Called On Trump To Drop Out and Compared Him To Mussolini Now Voting For Him

Independent Evan McMullin Says ‘Mormon Mafia’ Smear Is ‘Silly,’ Typical Trump Supporter Insult

Fox’s Lou Dobbs: Evan McMullin Is a Globalist ‘Mormon Mafia Tool’

‘I’m Pissed!’ Sean Hannity Absolutely Loses It Over ‘Never Trumper Jerks’ and Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin Owns Smug CNBC Hosts Who Pronounce He’s on Air ‘Not Because We Think You Can Eventually Win’

Evan McMullin: Pro-Trump GOPers ‘Putting Power Over the Interests of Their Own Country’

Third-Party Candidate Evan McMullin in Statistical Tie with Clinton, Trump in Utah

Evan McMullin Appeals to Conservatives After Cruz’s ‘Shocking Abandonment of Principle’

Evan McMullin: Anyone Supporting Trump Is ‘Not Too Committed to the Constitution’

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