CNN’s Chris Cuomo Brings On Audio Forensic Expert to Analyze the Trump-Cohen Tape


On Wednesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo started off his show by bringing on an audio forensic expert get to the bottom of what was actually said on the Trump-Cohen tape.

Audio expert Ed Primeau analyzed and enhanced the tape, at the commission of CNN, to form an expert opinion about what was actually said.

When asked to weigh in on who actually suggested that they pay the money to Karen McDougal in cash, Primeau said this: “I’m hearing the words ‘So we’ll pay with cash’ or ‘So I’ll pay with cash.’ And then [Michael] Cohen comes back with the ‘No, no, no’ right after that.”

That exchange over cash has been a matter of dispute. President Donald Trump‘s lawyer claims it was Trump who did not want the cash sale, others, as in Primeau’s expert view, say it was Trump who suggested it and Michael Cohen said “no.”

Yet according to Primeau, the biggest takeaway from the tape was the fact the tape was incomplete, leaving some things unclear.

“I think what matters to me most is it’s incomplete. So we’ve got the end of a piece of conversation and now I understand why it’s important. And I’m very curious what the rest of this tape might have because we seem to hear — I’m interpreting it as a ‘ck.’ I’m not hearing the whole world check although it could be as fast as they’re talking could be the word check,” Primeau stressed.

Cuomo then stressed both sides stipulated to the fact “check” was said, before ending the interview with Primeau with this legal caveat: “This is not a verdict. There is no case closed here. Even at trial I cannot tell you how often something that may sound very clear to you doesn’t to the ears of different jurors and it gets complicated. You heard the opinion of an expert as our guest.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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