CNN’s Clarissa Ward Reports From Ukraine Subway Station Turned Bomb Shelter: Feels Like ‘Scenes From WWII and the Blitz’


CNN’s Clarissa Ward delivered a series of stunning reports from a Ukrainian subway station that was converted into a makeshift bomb shelter as Russia continues its attack on the Eastern European country.

Ward reported from Kharkiv on Thursday, where she interviewed Ukrainians taking cover inside the metro from Russia’s bombing campaign. Russia launched a “full-scale invasion” of the neighboring country late Wednesday night.

“I’ve never really seen a situation like this,” CNN’s chief international correspondent said.

“This feels, to me, like scenes from World War II and the Blitz,” she told CNN Newsroom. “There are just hundreds an hundreds of people who are hunkered down here with absolutely no sense of what tomorrow will bring.”

Ward spoke to a Ukrainian woman named Oksana inside the station, who said she and her two kids left their home early in the morning when they heard the first explosions. Oksana said she intends to stay in the tunnel with her family overnight.

“You seem remarkably strong, given how scary the situation is,” Ward told her.

After thanking Oksana for her time, Ward turned back to CNN anchor Jim Sciutto and remarked “you see a lot of strength and resilience down here. You also see a lot of desperation, a lot of tears, a lot of people holding hands, a lot of people holding each other, and just waiting to see what comes next, where they go from here, and what their place will be in this new Ukraine.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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