Cuomo Hammers VA Senate Nominee on Ties to Racists in Wild Interview: You Called Anti-Semite Your Hero?


Chris Cuomo interviewed the victor of the Republican nomination for Virginia senate on Wednesday night, Corey Stewart, and the interview devolved into a shouting match as the CNN host grilled the candidate on his ties to racists and Stewart dodged, opting to bash the network.

As Mediaite has already reported, Stewart is going to be a massive headache for the GOP. Despite raking in an endorsement from President Donald Trump himself, the candidate has extensive ties to racists, white supremacists and anti-Semites.

Cuomo took Stewart on Wednesday, first grilling him on his claims the sitting Virginia Senator Tim Kaine might be heading to jail.

But the lengthy interview really got going when Cuomo brought up Stewarts ties to the alt-right.

“You seem to be cottoning to a very specific brand of humanity,” Cuomo said. “You have a well pronounced past of saying that you agree with and that you like people who push ugly, bigoted, intolerant and racist notions.”

“Hey, that’s a level of lie that’s just not true, Chris,” Stewart said. “Even for CNN.”

“Is there any level of lie that is true?” Cuomo shot back.

“That’s not the case at all,” Stewart maintained. “I have always condemned, including on your program, any white supremacists or bigots,” Stewart said. “We want nothing to do with that. That’s the only thing you and the left have. You claim, you play the race card every time because it’s the only thing you have.”

Stewart didn’t address his ties, but then tried to pivot back to the successes of Trump.

Cuomo displayed a graphic showing Stewart’s ties to white nationalist Paul Nehlen, noting he called him his “personal hero.”

Stewart claimed that “back in the day” everyone supported Nehlen, including Trump, and that he disavowed Nehlen after he found out about “all these terrible things, those anti-semitic things.”

“Back in the day, he was not like that,” Stewart said.

Cuomo was ready with the fact check, pointing out that Stewart praised Nehlen — and donated to his campaign — long after he made a slew of horrifically offensive comments.

“Put back up the timeline,” Cuomo said. “Not true. Demonstrably false.”

“That’s not true at all,” Stewart said, though he didn’t provide any evidence for his claims.

“Why did you call somebody who is an anti-semite and an obvious bigot your hero?” Cuomo asked.

Stewart again dodged, and asked for Cuomo to ask Tim Kaine to condemn antifa.

“We have had this conversation before, and it’s never been about that, it’s about you trying to play an equivalency game, to get away from the bigots that you cotton to,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo went on to grill Stewart for taking the endorsement of neo-Confederate Richard Hines in front of a Confederate flag, another charge Stewart just brazenly blew past.

Stewart would go on in the interview to trash CNN, claim Cuomo’s father Mario Cuomo was an anti-Semite, and say that CNN should fire the host.

Watch above, via CNN.

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