Corey Stewart

Exclusive: GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Has an Apparent Nazi Sympathizer Organizing Campaign Event

Corey Stewart Boasts of Black Support, Hilariously Fails to Name a Single Black Leader Backing Him

GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Got Very Racist About NFL Players at 2017 Event

GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Tells Al Sharpton ‘You’re a Race Hustler’ That’s ‘Obsessed’ with Slavery in Tense Clash

Corey Stewart Staffers Praised White Nationalist Family Tied to GOP Senate Nominee’s Campaign

Top Corey Stewart Aide Reportedly Said ‘GOP Establishment’ Is Like ‘The House Negro’

WATCH: Debate Audience Erupts in Laughter After GOP Senate Hopeful Says Trump is ‘Standing up to the Russians’

NY Times Denies Reporter Broke Into Corey Stewart Staffer’s Home: His Claim ‘Is Entirely False’

GOP Senate Nominee Corey Stewart’s Ties to White Supremacists Run Deeper Than Previously Reported

Cuomo Hits Corey Stewart For ‘Cheap Shot’ Against Father: Pops Would’ve ‘Rearranged His Face’

Far-Right VA Senate Candidate to Chris Cuomo: ‘CNN Ought to Fire You!’

Cuomo Hammers VA Senate Nominee on Ties to Racists in Wild Interview: You Called Anti-Semite Your Hero?

Cuomo Rips Trump-Backed VA Senate Nominee For Claiming Father Mario Was Anti-Semitic: ‘Ten Times The Man You Will Ever Be’

VA Senate Candidate With Alt-Right Ties Crows Over Primary Win: GOP Establishment ‘Going the Way of the Dodo’

Varney Interviews Virginia GOP Senate Nominee, Doesn’t Ask About Alt-Right Ties

Trump Celebrates Virginia Senate Primary Win By Alt-Right Pal Corey Stewart

Corey Stewart, Who Said a White Nationalist Was His Personal Hero, Wins VA GOP Senate Primary

VA GOP Senate Front-Runner Once Praised a White Nationalist and Named Apparent Neo-Nazi ‘Volunteer of the Week’

Cuomo Battles Corey Stewart Over Claim ‘CNN Tried to Exploit’ Heather Heyer’s Death

Bonkers CNN Debate Between Kate Bolduan and GOP Senate Candidate: ‘Stop Talking! Stop Talking!’

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