CNN’s Daniel Dale Shreds Ted Cruz’s Outlandish Claims About Illegal Immigrants Being Automatically Registered to Vote


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) claimed this week that a Democrat-backed bill would “automatically register” millions of illegal immigrants to vote, and CNN fact checker Daniel Dale wasn’t having it, bluntly responding to a video clip of Cruz by saying, “None of what you just heard is correct.”

“It was a busy week for CNN’s fact checkers,” said CNN’s Jessica Dean, guest hosting CNN Newsroom for Pamela Brown, mentions that one specific claim by Cruz “really stands out,” and Dale was “here to debunk it.”

“Senator Cruz falsely claimed this week that Democrats have made a proposal that is, quote, intended to register millions of undocumented immigrants to vote,” said Dale, introducing a video clip of Cruz. “Listen.”

“This bill right now automatically registers to vote anyone who interacts with the government,” Cruz said in a hearing regarding S.1, The For The People Act of 2021. “So if you get a welfare check, if you get an unemployment check, if you get a driver’s license, you attend a public college or university, you’re automatically registered to vote. Millions of illegal immigrants fall into those categories. It explicitly sets up a process to register those millions of illegal immigrants.”

“None of what you just heard is correct,” Dale said, pointing out that the actual text of the bill “explicitly says over and over that only American citizens would be eligible to get registered, just like under current law.”

The relevant text of the legislation, part 2, titled “Automatic Voter Registration,” does in fact use language like “eligible citizen” over and over again, making it clear that its provisions apply only to those who are legally allowed to vote, in other words, only American citizens.

“‘Automatic voter registration’ does not mean literally everyone gets registered regardless of their immigration status,” Dale explained. Here’s how it does work. When a U.S. citizen has dealings with a government agency, from the DMV to a Medicaid office, they would automatically have their info sent to elections officials to get signed up to vote, unless they decided to opt out.”

Cruz had complained that S.1 only required a “declaration of citizenship,” noted Dale, but that was all our current voter registration system required.

“The declaration system works,” said Dale. “Non-citizens face prison time and deportation if they lie about it, and fraud is extremely rare.”

Currently, more than a third of the states already had automatic voter registration, he continued and “there’s no sign that undocumented immigrants are being registered in large numbers in those states.”

“In summary, again, Senator Cruz’s claims are just plain incorrect,” Dale concluded.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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