CNN’s Harry Enten Ranks Dem 2020 Hopefuls: ‘Not Sure It’s the Time to Nominate a White Male’


Harry Enten is a recent addition to CNN’s team of political analysis and consistently offers the sort of statistical predictive analysis that helped make the website FiveThirtyEight such an interesting read.  But he likely is about to get some unwanted attention from conservatives and Men’s Rights activists who will take issue with his assessment of who will be the most electable Democratic candidates in the 2020 race for the White House.

In a segment that’s best described by a chyron that read “2020 Power Rankings for Potential Dem Contenders,” Enten ran down in reverse ranking order who he considered to be the most likely to win the nomination based on a variety of factors including polling, donations, reporting and something Enten called “secret sauce.”

When he arrived at number 8 in his ranking and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, Enten ostensibly played the race card, saying, “this is an interesting guy for Democrats. Another white male, I am very suspect of that going into a Democratic primary with women doing well, I am not sure it’s the time to nominate a white man.”


Enten is not a partisan hack that offers the sort of opinionated bluster one finds across the cable new dial. He offers statistical insight from a decidedly informed and dispassionate point of view. And one can note that, coming off midterm elections that saw record women elected into the US. Congress, male candidates may be less likely to get elected by the suddenly insurgent Suburban Women voting demographics.

But there is a sector of aggrieved White Men who seem to be on the constant lookout for evidence of how the world is stacked against them. This clip will almost certainly be used as an example of how “identity politics” are ruining our social discourse.

Of course, many of those misinformed critics yelling about the horrors of “identity politics” and aggrieved by this clip will miss the irony that they themselves are falling into the same “identity politics” trap.

So congratulations Mr. Enten. You’re about to gain some fame and/or notoriety. In other words, you are winning the cable news game.

P.S. Kamala Harris is listed as number 1.

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