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CNN’s John Avlon Blasts Old Boss: ‘Pathetic’ and ‘Disgraceful’ of Giuliani to Call Mueller Probe a ‘Lynch Mob’

Before John Avlon ran the Daily Beast as editor in chief, and then recently moved to the air of CNN full time, he was once the chief speechwriter for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The mayor is now President Donald Trump‘s attorney, tasked with attacking Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation by calling it a “lynch mob,” and Avlon is lambasting his old boss for it.

“Calling this investigation a lynch mob is beneath him,” Avlon said on Thursday morning. “It is pathetic. It is not consistent with his career as a prosecutor. He knows better and it’s disgraceful.”

Avon continued to call out Giuliani for his admission that he’s trying to use the court of public opinion to force an artificial deadline for Mueller’s probe.

“It may play to his base, but it really is beneath him and doesn’t comport to the reality of this investigation,” said Avlon.

Watch above, via CNN.

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