CNNs John Avlon Warns of Trump’s Conspiracy Theories on Epstein Suicide: ‘Toxic Nonsense’


CNN’s John Avlon said “the conspiracy theory in chief is at it again” regarding President Donald Trump’s retweet of an accusation that the Clinton family had a hand in the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Avlon refused to even display the tweet on the screen because it is “pure nonsense.”

“Search your memory banks or history books for any president to publicly accuse a predecessor of murder,” Avlon added.

Epstein committed suicide in his solitary jail cell on Saturday amidst charges of molesting dozens of young girls.

“It’s just 80 levels of nonsense but it’s toxic nonsense,” said Avlon, pointing out that the president is accusing two people who are retired of being behind Epstein’s death even though the prison system reports up to him.

“When he retweets somebody accusing a past president of conspiring to orchestrate a jail suicide, yeah, that’s a different level of crazy. That’s worth calling out. That’s for the history books,” said Avlon.

Over the weekend, President Trump retweeted the wild, baseless claim of right wing commentator Terrence K. Williams — who attempted to tie former President Bill Clinton to Epstein’s death.

“We know who did this! RT if you’re not Surprised,” said Williams.

Watch above via CNN.

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