CNN’s John King Says It’s a ‘Disgrace’ That Lindsey Graham Did Not Read Full Mueller Report


On the eight person panel that CNN had around a giant desk to react to an analyze the testimony of Attorney General William Barr before the Senate on Wednesday, Jim Sciutto and John King expressed their dismay that Senators appeared to be considering politics and partisan goals in their questions, because obviously that’s never happened before in a hearing.

Well, they were dismayed when Republicans did it, anyway. “Republicans are from Mars, Democrats are from Venus,” said Sciutto, although he offered no criticism of any Democratic questions. In fact he said that Republicans “barely raised” Mueller’s “clear” objections while Democrats were “over there asking the key questions.”

For his part, John King took Sen. Lindsey Graham to task for his admission that he had not read the full Mueller Report himself, rather than just Barr’s summary.

“Think back to the very beginning of this. What you have here is proof of the success of the president’s political attacks on the Special Counsel, political attacks on anybody who criticizes him,” said King.

“If you go back to the very beginning, Jim’s right, there were a lot of Republicans still skeptical about Donald Trump. Still not sure who he was, because if he took over the Republican Party, and he was sort of the accidental president in the mind of many Republicans. They weren’t sure what to make of this.”

“Now you had the chairman of the committee—at the very beginning, ‘Bob Mueller is the gold standard, let Bob Mueller see what he finds, everybody back off, let him do his job.”

“Now you had the chairman of the committee–how much is the president’s attacks on everybody worked? Lindsey Graham said he hadn’t even read it all,” said King. “The chairman of the committee with the Attorney General in the chair about what to make of the Mueller report, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said I have only read most of it.”

“That’s a disgrace. Whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican, that’s a disgrace!” said King.

“He said, for me it’s over, this whole investigation,” said anchor Wolf Blitzer.

King replied that Republicans talk about Hillary Clinton because they don’t want to talk about the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, essentially still arguing that there was collusion.

Watch above, courtesy of CNN.

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