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CNN’s John King on Parkland Shooting: ‘The Breakdown in the System Here is Beyond Stunning’

CNN’s John King Knocks Jeanine Pirro for Bizarrely Blaming Obama in Porter Scandal: ‘Nice Try’

CNN’s John King on Trump’s Claims About Memo: ‘To Borrow a Phrase… Fake Spin’

CNN’s John King Dunks on Kellyanne Conway With Montage of Trump Talking Clinton

John King Slams Sarah Sanders: Spicer Gone But Briefing Room Still a ‘Fact-Free’ Zone

A Baffled John King Calls Trump Remark ‘A Stunning Public Rebuke’ of Own Military Leaders

CNN’s John King: Trump Keeps Undercutting and ‘Ripping the Rug Out from Under’ Tillerson

John King Hits Trump Over Puerto Rico Presser: He Decided to ‘Have a Lovefest For Him and His Team’

CNN’s John King on Hillary Blaming the Media: It’s Not Our Fault Trump Won Pennsylvania

CNN’s John King: ‘When Did This President Decide He Needs the Facts Before Speaking?’

CNN’s John King: Why Couldn’t Trump Tell White Supremacists ‘Go Away, You Have No Place’?

CNN’s John King: ‘Is Basic Truth Telling Too Much to Ask’ from the President?

CNN’s John King Takes Shot at Fox News: They Ask Trump ‘Are You Excellent or Extraordinary?’

CNN’s John King: Was Trump’s Alleged Blackmail of Morning Joe an ‘Abuse of Power?’

CNN’s John King And Dana Bash Rip Trump For ‘Witness Intimidation’ of Sally Yates

CNN’s John King: ‘The Democratic Party’s Future, at the Moment, Appears to Be Its Past’

CNN Panel Calls Out Spicer for Saying Trump’s ‘Easy One’ Health Care Remark Was ‘Lighthearted’

John King to Jeffrey Lord: What Does Media Bias Have to do With Trump Lying 14 Times in TIME Interview?

‘The President is a Big Boy’: CNN’s John King Mocks Trump for Not Allowing Reporters to Attend EO Signing

Report: White House Lied to Journalists About Trump Speech in ‘Misdirection Play’

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