CNN’s Keilar Brutally Grills Biden Spox on Abortion Reversal: What Changed His Mind in One Day?


CNN’s Brianna Keilar put a Joe Biden campaign spokeswoman to the grindstone on Friday when she repeatedly asked for an explanation on the former vice-president’s sudden reversal on the Hyde Amendment.

Critics are calling out Biden for a major flip-flop since he said on Thursday he can no longer support the Hyde Amendment, which comes just one day after defending his opposition to using federal money to fund abortion services. Biden communications director Kate Bedingfield appeared with Keilar to discuss the topic, and the CNN host started by asking for a walkthrough on the ex-veep’s change of heart.

“When did this become an issue about healthcare for him and not an issue about issue or morality?” Keilar asked.

Bedingfield argued that Biden’s decision stems from Biden’s comments on healthcare and the “unprecedented assault” on Roe V. Wade. Keilar noted that these new comments are in line with the movements of pro-abortion figures, so she pressed Bedingfield for a substantive explanation to prove the flip-flop isn’t an act of “political expediency” on Biden’s part.

“Why this change now?” she asked. “If you’re trying to convince people that this isn’t about political expediency…then don’t you have to explain substantively how he changes his mind from Wednesday to Thursday on an issue as significant as this?”

Bedingfield insisted “it’s not true” to say this is out of step with how Biden has acted on the matter in the past. Keilar, however, pressed.

“Changing from Wednesday to Thursday: explain to us how this happened…What was the thing that changed his mind?” Keilar asked.

The interview continued with Bedingfield saying she answered the question by pointing to Biden’s upcoming healthcare rollout, but Keilar was unsatisfied.

“[I] don’t think you’ve answered it,” the anchor said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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