CNN’s Kirsten Powers: Trump’s Base Is in Fox News ‘Alternative Universe’ Where Puerto Rico Never Happened


During a panel discussion on CNN’s The Lead on Thursday, CNN political analyst and former Fox News commentator Kirsten Powers suggested that Trump’s base lives in an “alternative universe” full of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and where things like the Puerto Rico disaster do not exist.

It all started when host Jake Tapper played a clip of President Donald Trump telling his base not to “believe the crap” they hear from the media and instead stick with what he tells them.

Tapper then pointed out that Trump’s tweet attacking the number of people who died in Puerto Rico actually prompted renewed talk about the death toll being higher than Hurricane Katrina.

He then stressed: “So he can say whatever he wants to say and his base will believe whatever they want to believe,” but those watching the show will hear Trump’s claims about Puerto Rico are not true.

Jumping in, Powers then pointed out that it is not like his base would actually be watching Tapper call out Trump’s phony claims on the Puerto Rico numbers on CNN.

“He knows that his base is not watching us right now,” Powers said, noting Trump’s only focus is his base. “They are watching Fox News, and over at Fox News Puerto Rico never happened. I mean, it’s an alternative universe, so they are never going to hear about this. They get all their information from Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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