CNN’s New Day Reminds Rudy Giuliani When He ‘Publicly Humiliated His Wife’ After Lawyer Smears Stormy

Rudy Giuliani made some pretty horrific comments yesterday that sort of went under the radar, given all the other insane stuff the lawyer said on his whirlwind tour of Tel Aviv.

Giuliani said he doesn’t “respect” Stormy Daniels, the porn star Trump claims he definitely didn’t have an affair with. Rudy, the thrice married former mayor, who once had sex with his cousin for 14 years straight, went on to say that Stormy Daniels can’t be “damaged” because she has “no reputation.”

CNN’s New Day responded to that hypocrisy on Thursday morning, also pointing out that Giuliani’s client Donald Trump is not exactly a paragon of virtue.

CNN political analyst Kristen Powers called Giuliani a “dinosaur,” noting his comments are “the way people used to talk about women” who were porn stars or prostitutes. “It’s so antiquated and outdated. It was unacceptable then, it’s unacceptable now.”

“Rudy Giuliani’s got a glass houses issue here,” CNN host John Berman said.

“He and the person that he represents both have some serious issues,” Powers agreed. “So for somebody like Rudy Guiliani, who famously openly cheated on his wife and then she found out she was getting divorced in a press conference, just doesn’t really seem like he is in a position to be the moral arbiter of anything.”

“But nobody should be doing this,” Powers added.

Alisyn Camerota pointed out that if Giuliani thinks porn stars “desecrate women” he should have some opinions about the credibility of his own client, who is alleged to have had sex with a porn star without using protection.

Powers added that “women are the ones who are demonized” while “Donald Trump proudly hung out at the Playboy Mansion.”

“I would also say in the broad category of desecrating women, bragging about grabbing women by their genitals may fall into that category,” Berman added. “The multiple accusations of sexual misconduct might fall into that category as well.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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