CNN’s Stelter Asks How Press Should Approach ‘This President Who Flails About on Twitter Like a Madman’


CNN’s Brian Stelter raised President Donald Trump’s mental health as something the media needs to grapple with after his coronavirus hospitalization and most recent conduct after being released from Walter Reed.

In his latest Reliable Sources opener on Sunday, Stelter noted those who’ve started to call Trump the “super spreader-in-chief” between his disinformation, diagnosis with the contagious virus, and the recent White House event that apparently infected him and several of his allies. After Stelter cycled through numerous stories about Trump’s political maneuvering, he especially focused on Trump’s Twitter frenzies over the last few days.

“Let’s be honest. This week was about the president’s physical health,” Stelter said. “But this week is also about the president’s mental health. How he’s feeling, how he’s coping with coronavirus, how he is coping with all of these polls showing him more than ten points down. There are, once again, questions about the president’s mental as well as his physical health.”

From there, Stelter turned the conversation over to his panel and asked “how should the press be approaching this president who flails about on Twitter like a madman?” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman responded by slamming Trump’s allies and enablers, then he boiled down the president’s re-election campaign as a combination of “fear tactics,” voter suppression, and the spread of chaos.

Watch above, via CNN.

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