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CNN’s Tapper Spotlights People Helping Each Other Amid Coronavirus Crisis: ‘We’re In It Together’

CNN’s Jake Tapper seemed to be emotional on Sunday as he saluted efforts by everyday Americans to help each other despite the massive disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

As Tapper reflected on the pandemonium in his State of the Union closing segment, he said it was worth remembering that “we are going to get through this,” and that human goodness has been on display throughout the crisis. The CNN host cycled through numerous stories of people who took action to protect at-risk individuals, lighten the load for struggling business owners, and make things easier for people trying to deal with everything.

“We’re in it together,” Tapper said. “‘We’ll get through it, we all just need to hang in there and support each other the best we can’…I cannot improve on that. Stay strong. Stay healthy. Love each other.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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