comScore CNN’s Toobin: ‘Absurd’ to Equate Rep. Omar’s ‘Silly Statement’ to Trump’s ‘Racist and Bigoted Tirades’

CNN’s Toobin: ‘Absurd’ to Equate Rep. Omar’s ‘Silly Statement’ to Trump’s ‘Racist and Bigoted Tirades’

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin called out a Trump supporter by noting that comparing Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s (D-MI) “silly statement” with Donald Trump‘s “racist and bigoted tirades” is an “absurd false equivalence.”

On Tuesday night’s edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, host Anderson Cooper conducted a debate segment between Toobin and former Trump White House attorney Jim Schultz, and the conversation turned to Trump’s continued attacks on the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Toobin observed that Trump’s entire political career is based on vitriol, much of it racist and bigoted.

“The only reason Donald Trump is a politician at all is because he made up a racist lie about Barack Obama not being born in the United States,” Toobin said, adding “That’s why Donald Trump became a political figure. Because he made up this racist lie and used it to become a political figure, and it worked.”

Schultz then tried to deflect by claiming that “the Democrats twisted themselves on some anti-Semitic comments made by members of their caucus,” a reference to Rep. Omar’s comments.

Toobin responded, first, by confessing that “I spent 2016 covering a campaign where I personally engaged in false equivalence between Hillary Clinton‘s misdeeds and Donald Trump’s misdeeds, and I’m not doing it in 2020.”

“And the idea that one… congresswoman’s, you know, silly statement is at all equivalent to the racist and bigoted tirades of the president of the United States is absurd false equivalence,” Toobin said.

In case you’re wondering to which tirades Toobin may have been referring, here are eleven of them.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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