CNN’s Toobin: Trump Was ‘Encouraging Russia to Keep Stealing These Emails’ During Campaign


Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin made it clear during a discussion on CNN Friday night: while it may not be a crime, the person encouraging Russia to keep stealing “these emails” to aid in the meddling the U.S. election was none other than Donald Trump himself.

It happened during a panel on Wolf Blitzer‘s show discussing today’s bombshell indictment of 12 Russian officials for election meddling.

Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash noted that in addition to to the named Russians, the next installment will likely be to focus on the American “that is named in here [the indictment], but not blamed” as well as “others who could have been involved on the American side, either knowingly or unknowingly.”

“And who was encouraging this crime to take place?” Toobin chimed in.

He then answered his own question.

“Who was encouraging Russia to keep stealing these e-mails in violation of the law? Donald Trump. Candidate Donald Trump. Now, I don’t think encouraging someone to violate the law — in fact, I know encouraging someone to violate the law is not a crime itself. But it is worth part of the historical judgment about the 2016 election that this criminal conspiracy took place with the endorsement and support of the candidate who was the beneficiary of this criminal action.”

Blitzer then added, before playing the clip: “He did say during the campaign, in a very sensitive moment, he addressed Russia and he told them, go ahead and see if you can find Hillary’s 30,000 missing e-mails.”

Watch above, via CNN

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