CNN’s Van Jones on Fox News Pulling Trump’s Ad: ‘There’s Something Wrong’ When Even Fox Can’t Show It


Van Jones was on CNN’s midterm elections-eve panel on Monday night — where he expressed his disturbance over President Donald Trump‘s final election appeal, which, after a few airings, has now been pulled from every major broadcast or cable news network.

Jones was on to talk about how Fox News has joined CNN (which refused to air the ad entirely) and NBC (which did initially air the spot) with their decision to no longer broadcast Trump’s deeply-controversial ad about the migrant caravan in Central America. The ad has been widely condemned among various political circles for being factually-misleading and heavily based on racial fear-mongering.

Jones remarked that “we’ve been punched numb” on Trump’s rhetoric already, but Fox News still decided in the end that it went too far. From there, he railed against Trump being “such a raving bigot” that his antics have almost been accepted as normal — even if his messaging cannot be shown on television.

“The idea that the President of the United States likes an ad, loved it, tweets it out, and it is so racist and so offensive that Fox News – no great friend of civil rights – can’t even run it, we act like that’s just normal…That is horrible. That is really, really bad…There’s something wrong with that.”

Former Trump adviser David Urban was also on the panel, and he agreed with Jones that the ad was a “terrible thing to run on” when the president could’ve spent more time talking about the economy.

Watch above, via CNN.

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